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"I have never worked with kinder and more understanding people. You are truly Christians and it reflects in everything you do. You are wonderful examples of what everyone is looking for when they need a lawyer and help. - Inman

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We will give you a full quote or a free consultation after you complete our worksheets. In addition, we offer substantial fee discounts in Chapter 7 cases to persons meeting the following conditions:

  • Social Security income only
  • Below SC median income
  • Below SC poverty level
  • Unmarried widows over 60

Our office limits itself to bankruptcy law. If you wish to obtain the services of a Christian attorney for any other legal matter, or if you would like to read Mr. Bailey's comments about bankruptcy from a Christian perspective, please visit our a Christian view page.

Good News for South Carolina Homeowners Facing Foreclosure or Bankruptcy!

On May 25, 2006, a new law went into effect in South Carolina to give greater bankruptcy protection to home-owners ... the residential exemption went up from $5,000 to $50,000 per person. What this means, in simple terms, is that most people can now file Chapter 7 bankruptcy without fear of losing their home, or can file Chapter 13 (a debt payment plan) with much lower payments to stop foreclosure against their home. Additionally, many people can now get rid of judgment liens that have been placed against their home. For more information, be sure to visit our getting started or contact us pages and request a worksheet packet. Also, click this link for immediate answers to other bankruptcy questions.




Bob and Julia were just served with foreclosure papers on their home.

They never meant to fall behind in their payments, but he was out of work for 3 months with a back injury and just couldn't help it. He's back to work now and tried to catch up the payments, but the mortgage company won't take any less than the amount needed to catch up the entire delinquency. Now, they won't even talk to Bob when he calls. He and Julia are both losing sleep over this thing, because they just don't have any place to move right now and their kids like the school they are attending.

Hello! My name is Ed Bailey. We see this type of situation all the time and we can help. The solution ... file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Here are some of the things that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can do:

  • It immediately stops all collection activity by all creditors. They may no longer call, write, sue, repossess, or do anything else to collect the debt.

  • It immediately stops all lawsuits, including foreclosure actions ... dead in their tracks.

  • It gives the homeowner a payment plan to catch up their missed payments over 5 years without any interest.

  • In the payment plan, your purchase loans are refinanced at a low interest rate, and all unsecured creditors can be paid as little as 1% of their debt. This helps to greatly lower your monthly payment to creditors, so that you can afford to live.

  • In some cases, it can completely get rid of second and third mortgages.

  • In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can keep everything you own.
If you are in a situation like Bob and Julia, whether caused by credit overextension, unexpected expenses, reduction of income, job loss, illness/injury, or for any other reason, I sure hope you contact us right away to see what we can do for you. You can't wait too long though because, if a foreclosure action has been started, you need to file Chapter 13 early enough before the foreclosure sale to get all of the preliminary work done.

Bankruptcy Law is a Specialty

Bankruptcy law requires specialized skills and you should not trust someone who claims to be a bankruptcy lawyer, but doesn't have much experience or knowledge of bankruptcy law or of the trustees, judges, and creditor attorneys at the bankruptcy court. If you're going to pay for a bankruptcy lawyer, you should make sure you get a good one. Understandably, however, with all of the advertising, it can be difficult finding the best bankruptcy attorney.

For over 25 years, I have dedicated my law practice entirely to representing individuals like you in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. I do not represent corporations (although we will handle cases for individuals with small unincorporated businesses), I do not represent creditors, and I do not practice in any other area of law. My office has filed over 6,500 cases, and presently files about 200-300 cases per year.

Because my practice is limited to bankruptcy law only, I am able to offer knowledgeable and effective representation to all of my clients with serious debt problems. I stay on top of any new developments in, or changes to, the bankruptcy laws so that you can be assured that you have the best legal representation possible.

We employ the latest technology in the operation of this office, including the latest in document assembly, office administration/calendaring, electronic case filing, document imaging, etc. so that our office can provide bankruptcy services efficiently.

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Since you are visiting this site, I assume that you may have financial problems and are considering bankruptcy as a possible solution. Please be sure to visit other pages at this site. For example, the getting started page gives you information on how to get started with the process; the faq page attempts to answer the questions most frequently asked of this office; and the contact us page allows you to send us your questions by email (from which we will continue to update the faq page) or to provide feedback to our office.

Bankruptcy Attorneys
Upstate, SC

To file bankruptcy in South Carolina, you need an attorney licensed in South Carolina. Further, interpretations of the bankruptcy law and the protection exemptions vary from state to state, so please don't consult out-of state lawyers on the internet who promise to help you file cheaply. They won't know the finer points of bankruptcy practice as it is done here in South Carolina and they won't be in bankruptcy court with you. Instead, you will be there all alone to answer the questions of the U.S. Trustee, which can be very difficult. Mr. Bailey, though, is licensed in SC and will be there for you every step of the way. You can be assured that you will be getting the best bankruptcy representation possible. His office is in Spartanburg, only 5 minutes away from the United States Bankruptcy Court, where all bankruptcy hearings for Upstate residents are held.

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All bankruptcy hearings for Upstate South Carolina are held in the US Bankruptcy Court, which is located in Spartanburg, SC. Location: 201 Magnolia St., Spartanburg, SC 29301.