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251 South Pine Street
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29302
Spartanburg 864.582.3733
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Bailey Law Firm
251 South Pine Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302
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Anderson                  (864) 226-9501
Greenville                 (864) 233-6358
Spartanburg              (864) 582-3733
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Jennifer                         All Clients
Sarah                General Information
Ed                    Routed as necessary


Contact Information

Please note:  To the left, you will find our mailing/street address and telephone numbers. We have also provided email addresses for the persons you would most likely want to contact. In all honesty, email would be the fastest and most preferred method for correspondence.

However, please keep some simple rules in mind. If you are an existing client of this office, or if you are writing to us about a particular client, you must give the client's last name in the subject line. All such mail will be directed to Jennifer.

If you are interested in our services, but have not retained or hired us yet, please direct your mail to Sarah. She will know how best to handle or deliver your message and she can also handle all general office correspondence.

To tell you the truth, almost everyone wants to talk directly to Ed, but it just isn't possible. Therefore, his email is routed through Sarah and redirected, in most cases, as necessary. This does not mean your message is not important. On the contrary, you will get better attention through the use of these procedures. If Ed needs to handle the matter personally, it will be routed to him. Rest assured that all work is supervised by him.

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